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It was meant to be a low-key Christmas. And then ALL THE FOOD happened.

Boerewors, baked and fresh veggies with feta and sprouts, wine, more wine, and the richest cheesecake in the world. And that was only Christmas eve.

Part One: boerewors

Being a foreign orphan at Christmas means you get to toy with your traditions from home and make new ones. This time it turned into making South African boerewors for the first time. Traditional braai (barbecue) food, but not so much for Christmas dinner.

A friend and I decided we will try our hand(-s) at it. And… It is surprisingly easy! Playing with real intestines didn’t turn out nearly as slippery and gross as expected. It was actually fascinating working with them and feeling the strength and texture. Amazing stuff.

We learned some things that we “knew” before, but now we definitely know. Boerewors is all about the right spices and the texture. We used beef and pork mince, but next time we will be grinding our own. The texture needs to be rough enough so that you see bits of meat and fat in the sausage. Not giant globules though.

We used this recipe for our first attempt at wors:

South African Sausage (Boerewors)
I’m a bit of a boerewors snob. At home I almost exclusively have “Stilbaai Wors”. If you’ve had it, you’ll understand…  But, since their recipe is staatsgeheim, a state secret, this recipe will do just fine. We were very happy and shocked at how easy it was to make wors. I’ve spent the last 5+ years suffering crap sausages needlessly!

*I will post a separate boerewors recipe once we perfect our craft… We’ve already made more, but haven’t cooked and taste-tested yet. Watch this space.

Part Two: salmon and spinach roulade

Food for friends.

Christmas day was a big chill with friends and drink and food and movies. Everyone made and brought some food and we grazed all day. Perfect for a very rainy day in Scandinavia.

This salmon and spinach roulade is very easy to make, especially after you’ve made it once. I use a lot more spinach than the recipes I googled, partly because it’s not expensive and partly because I like it.

I based my own rolls on this recipe:

Spinach and egg rolls with smoked salmon and cream cheese,

but I googled around for a few recipes and used a combination. There really is no right or wrong with this kind of recipe, other than separating your eggs properly.

Part Three: brownie cheesecake

Wowsers. This cheesecake is incredibly rich and creamy and chocolatey. It is actually almost impossible to overeat because it is just so rich.


Brownie cheesecake in its naked, natural form.

I used this amazing recipe from the All Day I Dream About Food blog, of course:

Brownie cheesecake – low carb and gluten free.

This is my first time ever making a baked cheesecake, so I’m very happy that it turned out (a) round and (b) edible. Point is, if you’re scared of f-ing up, don’t be! Follow the recipe above word for word and you’ll be fine. 🙂

I added the raspberries and I cannot imagine not having them there. They bring a zing that both breaks and compliments the creamy richness. Next time I’ll also use much less erythritol – I don’t think quite so much is necessary.

I keep looking at this post as a useful reference for ganache:

How To Make Chocolate Ganache for Any Dessert.
I don’t make it often and the ingredients aren’t exactly cheap (crap or fake dark chocolate is not worth it), so definitely don’t want to mess this up.

This cheesecake is beautiful with a strong cup of coffee. 🙂


Brownie cheesecake clothed in ganache and raspberries.

This was my first “orphan” Christmas, and it was wonderful. Good friends and good food is all one can ask for. 🙂

Sometimes a good thought strikes when you least expect it.

Today I wanted something after spending a few hours in a cold pool teaching many a kidlette how to swim.

Something warm and smooth, preferably.

And there it is!
Well, this is what it is:

50g plain Philadelphia cream cheese

2 teaspoons deepest darkest cacao

Dash of cinnamon

Microwave 45sec.

Mix it up.

Success! 😀

Lemon cheesecake goes exceedingly well with blueberries!

My cheesecake was a bit intense for me and the blueberries took the edge off just enough. Perfect partnership.


Yes, I’m scooping straight out of the cupcake mould… No shame.


Breakfast! What is this life.

I finally made cheesecake! Or fat bombs. Or love tarts. Whatever you want to call them.

I made them on a whim while waiting nervously to hear about a job. I didn’t get the job, but now I have surprisingly delicious cheesecakelets! I will take that as a win.


Lemon cheesecakelet in the morning sun.

This morning’s breakfast of awesomeness was one of these little beauties with a creamy coffee.  Yum and yum!

Low-carb lemon cheesecake
*makes 15 mini-cupcake sized cheesecakes.
125g plain cream cheese
100g butter
100g coconut oil
2 lemons
Sweetener (liquid or granular, whatever you have)

– Melt butter on low heat.
– Grate lemon zest from the lemons while you wait.
– Add coconut oil, cream cheese and zest to butter. Melt and stir so that it mixes well. Should be a very smooth mixture.
– Squeeze lemon juice into the mixture.
– Add sweetener to taste.
– Pour into moulds or cups and freeze for an hour or more.

– I think one lemon instead of two will do the job just fine. The flavour from two lemons is quite intense.
– I added a few (forgot to count) teaspoons of a granular sweetener. The cheesecake turned out too sweet if you can believe it. (I used to be able to eat entire tins of condensed milk, so “too sweet” has never been an issue.) Next time I will rather err on the side of not very sweet at all.


Two were sacrificed in the taste-test…

EDIT: Update, add a blueberry!