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Sometimes a good thought strikes when you least expect it.

Today I wanted something after spending a few hours in a cold pool teaching many a kidlette how to swim.

Something warm and smooth, preferably.

And there it is!
Well, this is what it is:

50g plain Philadelphia cream cheese

2 teaspoons deepest darkest cacao

Dash of cinnamon

Microwave 45sec.

Mix it up.

Success! 😀

A friend went home to Germany recently and brought back some quark for me! (Thank you!)



Technically a spreadable cheese, however I use it as a yoghurt, i.e., grab a spoon and ship to mouth. The taste and texture are about halfway between a Greek-style yoghurt (henceforth known simply as “yoghurt”, since everything else is adulterated crap in my mind) and cream cheese, but also not quite cottage cheese. Actually, I suppose it is a cottage cheese of sorts, just smoother.

I have seen another brand with higher fat, but here is the breakdown for this particular tub, per 100g:
9,8g fat
9,3g protein
3,8g cho.

It is a dairy product, so the protein is mostly casein, which doesn’t seem to gel well with some people. Luckily I seem to be okay with it (phew).


No words today. Just creams and yoghurt. 🙂

Norwegian goodness.

Norwegian goodness.