– Low Carb Down Under

The Australian home of lchf. They have made a really useful website with tons of excellent, practical information!


Research initiative started out by Peter Attia and Gary Taubes.

‘The mission of Nutrition Science Initiative is to reduce the individual, social, and economic costs of obesity, diabetes, and their related diseases by improving the quality of science in nutrition and obesity research.’

NuSI is not invested in particular outcomes. We are invested in finding scientifically sound solutions. We are also fully committed to communicating the results of this research to scientists, policy makers, advocacy groups, the media, and the general public. We look forward to the day when NuSI is no longer necessary, when—with the full support of rigorous science—we can choose with informed confidence what we and our families need to eat to be healthy.’

The Noakes Foundation

Nutritional research foundation started by Prof Tim Noakes.

‘What if you had the chance to right a wrong? To correct what for decades has been misunderstood? Leading to poor health, unhappiness, and even death.

Professor Tim Noakes has decided to right that wrong. To start a movement, to make this change, to make a difference in the lives of millions of people that are obese or suffering from diabetes.

Based on this passion and knowledge, he has started The Noakes Foundation, as a catalyst for new research into better health and nutrition. To uncover once and for all, what makes up a healthy meal. What you should be eating.

Founded as a Non-Profit Corporation, to share with you the truth about a healthy diet. To share the very best evidence-based advice possible, free from conflicting commercial influences.

To connect with you, to work together, to change the definition of a healthy diet.’

The Diet Doctor

Website of Swedish GP Dr Andreas Eenfeldt.

The biggest health blog in Scandinavia, with over 50 000 daily visitors, now has an English version: DietDoctor.com.

This is the blog of Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, and Team Diet Doctor. The goal is to spread new knowledge, dispel old myths – and most of all, to provide the tools and inspiration to revolutionize your health.’