There is a lot to learn about LCHF living and the science behind it. A useful place to start re-education is YouTube. Some of the presentations are quite long, and some quite monotonous, but they are well worth the time invested.

Have a look at these pages:


Websites and Organisations

Official LCHF resources with lots of great information.


Not scientific articles, but popular science-style articles that are a great starting point for learning more about some of the issues within nutritional science and governmental diet recommendations.


Documentaries concerning high-fat diets and other medical aspects of current nutritional guidelines (e.g. statins).


Various presentations are available on YouTube! From conference presentations to TED-talks to interviews.


A number of books have been written on carbohydrates, fat and cholesterol, but somehow the message still remains underground…

 What can I eat?

Online lists that you can take with to the supermarket so that you don’t get duped into buying bad food again.