My idea of a Saturday evening well spent now includes epic food prepping with some loud music and epically fail singing.

This means the kitchen is a giant mess for a few hours, but it’s also nice to clean up properly afterwards and know you’re done with big meals for the week.

On the food-prep menu tonight, almost as usual: mince (ground beef) with garlic and onion, and a heap of veggies. ALSO… A keto-friendly and EASY marinara sauce from my bible of recipes:
I Breathe I’m Hungry’s “Easy Keto Marinara Sauce”. Quite literally as the title says.

I’ve made it twice this week now (which really does prove that it is easy to make, I am lazy), and it will definitely be a staple. Freaking delicioussssssss. I used half of the recipe with the mince that I cooked, and by pure unplanned magic, the rest fit in perfectly into an old peanut butter jar.

The Food

I don’t really have a recipe, other than fry a chopped onion and some garlic in a fat of your choice (I usually use lard or ghee), add mince and cook covered for a while until it looks cooked through. Cook uncovered afterwards to brown a little and add salt, spices and sauce.

Today I added creme fraiche and marinara sauce. I usually add the veggies, too, but today the pan was filled to the brim with mince, so I cooked the veggies, broccoli and courgette, afterwards.

A Note About Cooking Fats

I have saved SO MUCH MONEY by saving the fat after cooking bacon, pork ribs, lamb or any other fatty cuts of meat. These keep remarkably well in the fridge and you can just scoop out whatever you need for your frying and cooking as you go. There’s no need to spend a ton of money on good butter all the time.

And everything tastes amazing! For reals. Omelettes cooked in lamb fat send my brain soaring. Veggies fried in leftover bacon fat are transformed.

Cooking with these fats also means less issues with food burning and sticking to the pan. I now use a stainless steel pan and it works wonderfully with e.g. lard.

Other Than Food

This evening’s loud and false singing was mostly to the following tune:
Oor Teen Die Grond – Ryno Velvet

An Afrikaans tune for a somewhat homesick day in Norwegia.

After epic food prepping, it’s time to chill on the balcony with tea and deep, dark chocolate (mmmm 90%) and watch the clouds roll in.


Blurry evening outside, before winter comes.