Lush pots!

Recycle them at a Lush shop near you, or… Use them as ridiculously useful food containers!

I have a stash of pots thanks to a friend who gave them to me to trade in at Lush. Somehow it only dawned on me now that they’re perfect for storing nuts and other goodies in. Plus these little pots are super sturdy and water-proof. Bingo!

I spend a lot of time these days kayaking and, even though I don’t really get that hungry on trips, it can get a little weird when everyone else is eating and I’m just chilling and chugging down hot black coffee. Food social pressure is a thing, so I need something to eat that can also keep if I don’t end up eating it that day.

I am also a deeply weak person and will vreet (Afrikaans for gobble up in record speed) a whole bag of almonds before I realise what I’m doing. You can imagine what it was like in the days of biscuits (!) and scones… So, a little visual portion control is needed in my life.

Enter Lush.


Lush-ed almonds using the small and medium-sized pots.

I discovered the small and medium-sized pots are strangely perfect for almonds: the smallest pots comfortably fit in 30g of almonds, the typical serving size with roughly 3g of carbohydrates in. Yes, I round up my figures a lot.

The mid-sized pots easily fit in 60g of almonds. Both fit a little more in if you fill them to the brim, if you really want to.


Left: 60g.  Right: 30g.

I have some big pots, too, but haven’t yet decided what they will be containing yet. I just know I won’t be trading them in at Lush itself soon.

Sadly Lush products are crazy expensive, so there won’t be any Lush pots tupperware-type parties anytime soon… Sadface is sad.