I’m systematically eating my way through the fridge. The deadline for a clean fridge is 23rd December. I’ll be on a plane the next day.

Late last night I realised my seterrømme (Norwegian sour cream) was past the best before date, so today is rømmegrøt day: for breakfast and dinner.

I wrote a post on it some months back with the recipe, here.

The problem is that I love this too much! I just ate half of my sour cream porridge for the day and I think I am about to explode in slow-motion.

This also means that I’ll be attacking the other half later today. Muuuuch later. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be hungry ever again.

But for now I need to figure out the most comfortable way to roll down the hill to get to the office. And it just started hailing. Yay.

Photo on 2015-12-10 at 8.53 AM

Bad photo of rømmegrøt in a flask (keeps it a little warmer for longer).