Reblog: lessons on intervention from cardiology by Dr Bernard Lown.

“Our forty-year struggle essentially concerned medicine’s first and inviolate principle, primum non nocere. “First do no harm” is the litmus test sanctioning the privilege to practice medicine.”

Update: I had no idea who Dr Lown was before reading this post. And now I’m sitting here completely floored and grateful for his existence:

Dr Bernard Lown, wikipedia

And here’s a quote from his comment on the blog post above:

It is good to know that not every one tweets, some still consume a longer, probing essay.

Dr. Bernard Lown's Blog

Bernard Lown, MD

As I have just passed my 90th birthday, writing this essay reminds me of Machiavelli’s admonition when he was receiving final Communion on his deathbed. “Renounce the devil and embrace the Lord,” intoned the priest. A long silence. Then came Machiavelli’s whisper: “This is no time to make new enemies.”

Let me start with a confession: I not only harbored dangerously unorthodox views during my career; I practiced them. Being allowed to voluntarily retire from the practice of medicine in 2007, rather than having had my medical license revoked decades earlier, was either an egregious establishment oversight or an act of divine intervention. Though my medical transgressions were never obfuscated or hidden, few are aware of them.

My deviant behavior consisted of sharp departures from the accepted norms of medical practice. I deemed such behavior an act of civil disobedience, for which I was ready to accept…

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