There’s currently a hearing happening down in South Africa over nutritional advice given to a mother (she asked) over Twitter.


The legalities are mildly interesting. What legally constitutes a doctor-patient relationship and would we need to look at refining that for future digital consultations? It’s really only mildly interesting, because honestly, at some point you have to leave people to make up their own mind given the information they came across.


The nutritionist who lodged the complaint did so out of genuine concern, I have no doubt about that. And it is sad that she is caught up in the nutritional dogma of the day, but what can you do. Most people don’t grasp that what they were taught is not the absolute truth forever.


So let’s look at what Tim Noakes thinks. Click on the picture below, or here, to go to YouTube. Somehow I couldn’t embed the video today… (?)

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.46.02 AM.png

Tim Noakes at the University of Johannesburg. Click on the picture to go yo the YouTube link.

And, ladies and gentleman, you’re all living in a zoo, eating zoo food.

Someone had to say it!

His proposal for the future is one I can get behind:

And I hope, Mr Vice Chancellor, that you will introduce cooking as a major course at this university…

Yes, why on earth not! Actually, let it happen in schools again. We used to have “home economics” and “health” classes. Somewhere there there has to space for learning about real food, zoo food and hyperinsulinemia.