Interesting times.

I won’t say anything about the hullabaloo of the Health Professions Council of South Africa vs Tim Noakes, no wait I want to: aaah so much noise on Twitter. And terrible, terrible reporting.

However, in another corner of the Southern Hemisphere, they seem to be giving up on health:

New Zealand obesity campaigner quits saying country has made ‘no progress’

“We live in an obesogenic environment with too much access to and promotion of energy-dense, nutrient-poor food,” she told the Guardian. “The rates aren’t improving because we’ve done nothing to make them change.

Sure, we do live in an obesogenic environment (but let’s get a proper definition of that term,that we can agree on), but that is coupled with the fact that the great majority of normal people out there have no idea what healthy eating literally looks like on a plate.

Campaigns, like the following:

The New Zealand government has just launched an advertising campaign featuring New Zealand sports stars to try and encourage New Zealanders to make healthier lifestyle choices.

are all good and well, but if someone doesn’t understand what “healthier lifestyle choices” means, they will invariably go to some or other version of moderation and balance (this is my assumption, at least). This is where the problem lies.

Fast food places are all around us and the food is generally cheap. This is a problem. However, we need to be telling people why a pizza is unhealthy. Literally tell people which ingredients on there are the unhealthy ones.

This is what used to confuse the crap out of me: pizza is bad, even a vegetarian pizza, we all “know” this somehow, but a plate of lovely al dente pasta with broccoli and peppers suddenly makes me a health conscious person. The only difference I can spot is the cheese, so cheese must be the issue here. But then people are telling me I shouldn’t eat too much bread. So is it the wheat as well? So what about the pasta? Does this mean I should just be eating rice? Oh shit no why did I just gain 3kg this month. I give up.

The wonderful irony is that this is happening in the country that produced the What The Fat book.

Get the right information out there. People do actually want to be healthy.