The search for gainful employment in Norwegia seems pretty darn futile at the moment, but the gloom was lifted yesterday by this interesting job posting:

As Field Medical Advisor you will be part of a dedicated and dynamic medical affairs team. Together we are responsible for the medical and scientific information supporting appropriate use of [company name] innovative treatments of well-established and future products as well as local ongoing clinical trials. As Field Medical Advisor you will build strong long standing relationships with key stakeholders within the diabetes community, with the aim of ensuring optimal delivery of scientific information, ultimately leading to better treatment for patients with diabetes.

Oh, really! I’d love to be on board and talk about some innovative and better treatments for patients!

Your main responsibility will be to provide medical and scientific support to health care personnel, in strong collaboration with sales, market access and marketing in [company name] . You will initiate and drive medical activities within [location], facilitating development of symposia, meetings and education seminars for health care providers, as well as supporting advisory boards.

This is fascinating. And starkly revealing.

I would actually relish the opportunity to be involved in this work in order to get an insider’s perspective, and I’m almost desperate enough right now to apply, but my soul is not quite ready to be sold. Not yet, in any case.

I’m not against medical treatment when it is necessary, especially for anyone suffering from the effects of diabetes, but holy cow the job description above gives me the heebeejeebees.

In all fairness, the company could be rolling out some very effective medication that could really improve the quality of life of some people. Let me not be too cynical today.