I haven’t really ventured into the world of making low-carb “substitutes” at all. My Pinterest list may suggest otherwise, but I always end up making eggs or something with mince or lamb instead of anything mildly exciting. (And I’m totally happy with that.)

But somehow I ended up with three tubs of cream cheese in the fridge with a looming “best-by” date. Okay, let’s see this as an opportunity. Let’s try those funky Oopsie rolls!

…And wow these are easy to make! They are cream cheese-meringues, although they fall flat after baking. While baking they rise beautifully, just look:


Rising oopsie buns in the oven.

After baking they become a nice golden colour, but sadly they’re not so wonderfully round anymore.


Finished golden oopsies.

I tasted one right after baking and it was okay, but I didn’t put in the mustard powder as the recipe said and I think it will make a difference to the taste. They were good enough without it, but there is always room for improvement. Next time I’ll be better prepared and armed with more than just eggs and cream cheese.

The next day was a different story. I was tempted to pop them in the toaster, but then I went for the pan instead. I pan-toasted them in a little olive oil (watch out-they burn quickly) and went on to to create a real brunch burger!

Toasting oopsie buns, the morning after.

Toasting oopsie buns, the morning after.

I started with some spinach on one, cheddar on the other. (Side note: why is cheddar considered a special cheese in Norwegia?! Not complaining though, the cheddar I got was fantastic.)

The next layer was a very easy-over egg and some bacon, crispy and fresh out of the oven.



Oh my ****. This was delicious! And this is perfect if you are like me and dream of hot runny egg yolks, because now there is something to soak up the yolk from the plate! Practicalities are important, especially when you’re not alone and can’t just lick the plate clean… (Yes I do that, a lot.)


More please! (Bonus: I just realised you can see the growing canoe polo/paddling callus on my thumb if you know where to look.)

I still have an embarrassing amount of cream cheese in the fridge, so there will be a few more rounds of oopsies on the way. I just need to remember to buy the mustard powder! And tinker a bit with other potential ingredients.
Can’t wait!