What a weekend.

1. Japan outplays South Africa. (I love it!)

2. Richie McCaw gets yellow carded. (Yes, I cackled like a maniac.)

3. This very sober report on fat from Credit Suisse’s Research Institute sees the light!

Fat: The New Health Paradigm (PDF warning)

The conclusion of this report is simple. Natural unprocessed fats are healthy and key to the evolution of a society that focuses on developing healthy individuals, not just on treating those who are sick. Natural foods high in monounsaturated and saturated fats are one of the preferred sources of energy for our bodies to use and store. Omega-3 has strong protective properties for our heart and brain. Welcome to the new world of fat.

From the report. My revulsion of bananas has been vindicated!

From the report.
My revulsion of bananas has been vindicated! 

This report follows a 2013 report on sugar and sweeteners:

Sugar: Consumption at a Crossroads (PDF warning.)

What a time to be alive!