After the miserable find of the not-so-great USDA nutritional debate video from 2000, The Fat Emperor made my day and released his interview with Dr Joseph Kraft, an American pathologist with a literal lifetime of invaluable experience.

This is a wonderful interview, not only because of the insight into the proposed true prevalence of type 2 diabetes, but also because it is just a great conversation with an incredibly interesting and humble man at the end of a fascinating career.

Dr Kraft tested over 14 000 patients with a 5-hout test (insulin assays) he developed to find more accurate levels of hyperinsulinemia and found that many patients who passed the usual glucose tolerance test would fail his own test, himself included. Furthermore, he proposes that anyone with diagnosed with cardiovascular disease is by default diabetic, albeit simply undiagnosed.

I was fascinated with the involvement of ear, nose and throat specialists (ENT’s) with his work. I obviously know next to nothing about human biology and the plausible link between tinnitus and raised insulin made me really sit up and go “wait, what, I really don’t know anything”.

My favourite quote from Dr Kraft in the interview:

Well see this business of clogging the arteries, this is not something that’s been demonstrated. It’s a concept which they think will explain where they are in regard to their interpretation and management of cardiac disease.

That’s an elegant little summary of most science: concepts developed that explain the current interpretation of a problem, with emphasis on current interpretation.

Dr Kraft’s 2008 book, Diabetes Epidemic & You, is available here (with some reviews available here).

Do yourself a favour and watch the full interview!