Breakfast! What is this life.

I finally made cheesecake! Or fat bombs. Or love tarts. Whatever you want to call them.

I made them on a whim while waiting nervously to hear about a job. I didn’t get the job, but now I have surprisingly delicious cheesecakelets! I will take that as a win.


Lemon cheesecakelet in the morning sun.

This morning’s breakfast of awesomeness was one of these little beauties with a creamy coffee.  Yum and yum!

Low-carb lemon cheesecake
*makes 15 mini-cupcake sized cheesecakes.
125g plain cream cheese
100g butter
100g coconut oil
2 lemons
Sweetener (liquid or granular, whatever you have)

– Melt butter on low heat.
– Grate lemon zest from the lemons while you wait.
– Add coconut oil, cream cheese and zest to butter. Melt and stir so that it mixes well. Should be a very smooth mixture.
– Squeeze lemon juice into the mixture.
– Add sweetener to taste.
– Pour into moulds or cups and freeze for an hour or more.

– I think one lemon instead of two will do the job just fine. The flavour from two lemons is quite intense.
– I added a few (forgot to count) teaspoons of a granular sweetener. The cheesecake turned out too sweet if you can believe it. (I used to be able to eat entire tins of condensed milk, so “too sweet” has never been an issue.) Next time I will rather err on the side of not very sweet at all.


Two were sacrificed in the taste-test…

EDIT: Update, add a blueberry!