Good, quality food, mostly. 🙂

I spent some time just idly wandering the aisles of my local grocery shop this week. Suddenly 85% of the shop doesn’t even exist to me (accurate statistic sucked out of my thumb). It was wonderfully liberating to feel absolutely no compulsion to buy anything, except some more avocados.

I saw some new products, including lots of new (!), exciting (!) low-fat dairy products. Also a lower fat salami proudly made with rapeseed oil. What’s the point! Just more stuff from Productland that I can ignore.

In addition to this giant change in food-spending behaviour, I also spend less on personal care products. Since I’m eating less crap, I don’t buy a lot of skincare products. Awesome! I have also been converted to DE shaving (google it!) and using a menstrual cup (google that, too!). Both have a significant start-up cost, but pay for themselves quite quickly.

I thought I’d put this out there. It has gotten me thinking a lot about general spending behaviour and the economic forces at play behind the loaded shelves of unnecessary products, all trying to outdo the other in grabbing your attention and your money.

I’m very happy to support the local butchery now too, especially to get some great fatty cuts of meat from local farms. I just wish their opening hours were longer…