No, actually, please don’t!

However, if there is one thing you read today or this weekend, please make it this:

I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weightloss. Here’s How by John Bohannon.

Eat chocolate daily, concludes German researchers. Sound so professional.

This is a sublime demonstration of seemingly legit science that quickly gets gobbled up by a gullible media looking for clickbait and revenue. It is downright scary.

If you read all the way through, you will hopefully get a better grasp on why nutritional science has been sending us on a rollercoaster of conflicting recommendations. Eggsarebadyouwilldie! Margerinegood! Noeggsarehealthynow! Eatdinnerforbreakfast! Norathereatlotsofsmallmealsaday! Margerinethedevilnow! Brainfreeze. How on earth are we meant to take any recommendations seriously again.

Hopefully the future will bring us rigorous, irrefutable nutritional studies. And maybe one day science won’t be drowning in the statistical spin that just serves to hurt the entire scientific community.