A quick, unplanned lunch today.

I had about 5min to quickly think of and make something to eat. What ended up going onto the plate was about a third of a head of broccoli (‘boompies‘ refer to the little broccoli trees) with some blocks of cheese, a rather large dollop of crème fraîche, sesame seeds, a small, already browning avo and a little bit of Dijon mustard. Salt and pepper, too.

I think Dijon is my new let’s-just-add-it-onto-everything ingredient. I love it! It adds a great taste and a very sharp zing. Weirdly I used to loathe both mustard and avocado (!!!!) as a kid. I don’t know what was wrong with me.


Halfway through!

What I thought would be an utterly meh lunch ended up being surprisingly good! And creamy. So creamy. 😀

Add some tuna and lemon and this will become a delicious and substantial meal.