A surprise bargain happened on Saturday when I spotted pork neck chops at 50% off. Okay buy!


Finished product: pork neck chop on fried caulirice with some peppers and a creamy, seedy (literally) Dijon sauce.

I didn’t realise quite how enormous they were until I got home and made the first victim for dinner. I really should have only eaten half… But I don’t always learn my lessons.

Today’s lunch/dinner was to be the last of the pig necks. It needed some colour, so I added a little chopped celery, spring onion, leek and two half peppers.

Sadly only half a screaming pepper will make it into the pan.

Sadly only half a screaming pepper could be sacrificed for the pan today.

I also decided on a whim that today was D-Day for trying out fried caulirice. I already had a giant tub filled with grated cauliflower, so it wouldn’t waste any time to make. I fried up some of the greens in olive oil and threw in some caulirice as soon as I heard the frying in action.

Caulirice on the fry.

Caulirice on the fry.

After frying the neck chop and putting it on the bed of fried (c-)rice, I made a quick sauce with the peppers in the pan. A tablespoon of crème fraîche and Dijon mustard and a handful of sesame seeds later, the sauce was ready for the plate.

Review: fried caulirice will be eaten again! And again. It was great.

And thank you, pig.